Matthew David Snyder

Matthew D. Snyder, 38, of Simpsonville, husband of Christina Snyder, died on Sunday, December 26, 2021.

Family and friends are invited for a time of remembrance on Friday, December 31, 2021 from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon at Heritage Funeral Home.

Condolences to the family of Matthew David Snyder

  • TessaTheCat
    3 years ago

    I’m so sorry, I haven’t known him that much since we kinda lost touch throughout the years but I have always adored both of you and the boys. My heart breaks for you both. I love you girl, be strong, take care of yourself, take care of the boys. I believe that he would be watching and know that he can rest assured that you’re a strong woman, his strong woman and he’ll always watch over you and the boys. Love you all.

  • Delijeh Snyder
    3 years ago

    Matt, the love and kindness you showed this world threw out roots in all directions, and those roots sprung up and made new trees. For years to come, those trees will bear fruits of gentleness and compassion for your family, friends, and people whose lives were touched by you.

    As you reunite with Becky, tell her your tales of happiness, the cities you traveled to, and the stories you heard. Tell her she is loved, and her memory is honored.

    Matt, your watch has now ended. Rest in peace.

  • To Matt, thanks for being the best husband to tin ♥️ i am so sorry if missed you guys wedding . I am so shock with what happened. Rest in peace Matt we are gonna take care of tin and the boys.
    To Tin, i love you so much i am always here for you no matter what ♥️

    Love-Maymay, Albert and Xander

  • Tarlan Chahardovali
    3 years ago

    Matt, the sunset of your life on earth has casted a profound shadow of sadness on our lives. I have nothing but sweet memories of you in my heart and I will hold on to those memories for the rest of my life. You were kind, you were gentle, and you will be immensely missed by all the people whose lives were touched by your kindness and compassion.

    You will not be forgotten. Rest in peace, my brother. I will miss you.

  • Mireya penaloza
    3 years ago

    matt today is the saddest day for all of us who love you, you left a mark where you went and you will always be remembered I have nothing but good memories and I will keep them for the rest of my life, Matt When you meet with Miss Becky, tell her that I still keep the jewelry box that she gave me and I will have it with me until the day I die I love y’all I will always remember y’all, rest in peace my dear redhead

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