Our Services

We provide many funeral options including traditional, graveside, cremation and memorial services so that every family can plan a tribute that is meaningful and appropriate for your family.

Funeral and Memorial Services make a significant difference in how families channel their grief toward health and healing. During a funeral, the community comes together and responds to the fact that someone has died, and to the reality that those remaining will need compassion, love, understanding, and support. A funeral encourages us to reflect on a person’s life and the ways in which they touched the lives of others. The reflection that takes place in the planning and conducting of a funeral service is an important part of the process of grief and mourning and creates a memorable experience for everyone. Together, close friends and relatives can lend support and consolation when needed most.

When considering final arrangements for yourself or a loved one, one of the first decisions you might make is whether you prefer burial or cremation. This decision influences other important considerations.

Our responsibility is to explain the many options that you may consider and to answer any questions that you may have while making arrangements.