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Cannon Funeral Home

Cannon-Byrd Funeral Home was founded in Fountain Inn, S.C. in 1879 by James A. Cannon. Arthur Dickson Cannon was the second generation and founder of Cannon Memorial Park.  James Cannon was the third generation. It was sold in 1991, later fell under the ownership of Stewart Enterprises, a public corporation out New Orleans, and changed hands several times thereafter.

In October 2012, after years of planning, Andy Byrd and the late James Cannon partnered to open Heritage Funeral Home in Simpsonville under private ownership.

In October 2016, we reacquired Cannon Funeral Home and Cannon Memorial Park in Fountain Inn returning that operation to local, private ownership. The acquisition joined the staff and resources of what is today Cannon-Byrd Funeral Services, Heritage Funeral Home in Simpsonville, Cannon-Byrd Funeral Home and Cannon-Byrd Memorial Park in Fountain Inn.