Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I make pre-need arrangements with Heritage Funeral Home or Cannon Funeral Home and we move at a later date what are my options in regard to my pre-need arrangements?

A: Pre-need funeral arrangements are transferable from one funeral home to another and can be done in advance or at the time of need. Transferring a pre-need policy is a simple task and typically requires only one form and signature. The transfer of a pre-need arrangement can be done for yourself in advance or by the family member handling the arrangements at the time of need.

Q: What happens if my loved one passes while in a facility such as a Nursing Home or Hospice House?

A: Let the facility staff know that you would like to use Heritage Funeral Home or Cannon Funeral Home and upon your request, they will contact us at: Heritage FH (864) 757-1771; Cannon FH (864) 862-9298.

If the passing occurs at home and your loved one is under hospice care, the hospice nurse will notify us. If hospice is not involved, you will need to call 911. The First Responders will contact us.

Q: If death occurs after business hours what do I do or who do I call?

A: If hospice is involved, please call the hospice organization assisting your family. If hospice is not involved, you should call 911. Initial help will come from and through first responders. The hope nurse or first responders will contact us thereafter.

Q: Once my loved one is in the care of the funeral home, what do I need to bring with me to the arrangement meeting?

A: Information that will be needed will include your loved one’s full name, their legal address, date of birth, social security number, City and State of Birth, his/her father’s name and mother’s name (including her maiden name), and his/her military discharge papers (DD-214) if they served our country in our armed forces.

If you have other questions, please let us know. You will find our phone number(s) and an email option on the Contact Us page on our website.

Q: What are our payment options and when is payment expected?

A: We accept checks, credit/debit cards, cash, valid insurance assignment and all pre-need contracts. The family’s plan for payment of services rendered should be discussed and agreed upon during the arrangement conference.
If you have any other questions please call us or email through the Contact Us option.