Eleanor L. Black

Eleanor “Ellie” Louise Black, 85, of Simpsonville, SC, passed away peacefully on Monday, January 28, 2019, with her daughter, Judi, her son-in-law, Mike and grandson Michael Rich by her side.

Born in San Pedro, CA she was the daughter of the late Elmer Case Saums and the late Mildred Louise Gunther Saums.

Mrs. Black was a graduate of New Brunswick Township High School and a previous resident of North Brunswick, NJ for 45 years. She was married to the late Elwood Ernest Black and had four children: Ronald, Michael, Cathlynn Joy Scholler (deceased) and Judi Black Rich. For many years Ellie worked as a teacher’s aide at Pine Grove Manor School before moving to Toms River in 1978 which then she was employed at Point Pleasant Hospital in the Social Services department for 17 yrs. before retiring. After retirement, she and Robert Daye, her longtime companion, spent winters in Palm Coast, FL, and summers in Toms River, NJ, until the drive became too much. In 2012, she became a permanent FL resident to spend more time with her daughter and family. Following Bob’s death on August 28, 2018, Ellie moved to Simpsonville, SC to be with her daughter.

Ellie loved God, good conversation, traveling, adventure, boating, swimming, music, reading, writing, walking the boards, the beach, gardening, crafts, baking, a good game of parcheesi but most of all spending time with family and friends. She is survived by her two grandchildren: Michael Rich and Jennifer Black; and three great grandchildren. In addition to her family, Ellie was loved by her many cousins, nephews, nieces and caring friends. She was always helping and loving and not just to family and close friends but anyone who needed a hand or a shoulder to lean on. Through her work with children, social services and her 25+ years in Al-Anon, many people were touched by her genuine care, love and interest in them. Ellie was a special people person who is loved and missed. There will be a family viewing. Interment will be private at Franklin Memorial Park, North Brunswick, NJ, at a date to be determined.

Condolences to the family of Eleanor L. Black

  • Mike Rich
    5 years ago

    Although you started out as my Mother in Law, you quickly became my second mother. Not many people in this world can say they had two moms, but I truly had that privilege. You were one of the most caring, giving and honest people I have ever met. I thank you for all the years of guidance, support and love you gave to all of us. You will be missed by so many people. The hole in my heart will fade over time, but your memory will never leave me.

  • Tama Byrnes
    5 years ago

    I never had the pleasure of making your acquaintance, but I do know your family. They have loved, fretted over, worried, planned and provided for you constantly ever since I have known them. That says more than anything, because they learned it from you, their parent’s heart and example. Rest in peace and the love of our Father. Join together joyfully with loved ones who have gone before you.

    To your family- this is one of the most difficult things ever to do. One feels alone without the woman who has always been there for you. Steve and I both completely understand your pain. Please accept our deepest condolences for the loss of your mother and grandmother.


  • Judi. We are so sorry that your mother passed. I know personally that The loss of a mother is devastating. I hope you find comfort in all the memories you have built over the years. I remember your mom full of life and smiling…. while it was many many years ago that’s How I remember her. I hope you can find a favorite moment in time….that’s the memory you should savor. I know you were a good daughter to her and hold that dear in your Heart.
    Karen and Mike Carrino

  • Suzie Black
    5 years ago

    Aunt Ellie was one of my favorite aunts. Since they lived only 1 house away on Stockton Drive, I spent a lot of time there. Michael and I were always down at the dam catching little fish and climbing up the dam as far as we dared. (Tho Michael always went higher than me!! – remember the knee incident Michael?) One of my coolest memories is being “jealous” that Ronnie was reading the encyclopedia and when I quizzed him, he remembered everything. Aunt Ellie told me that someday I would remember everything too – I just wasn’t old enough yet. I never thought to ask her how old that is because I still don’t remember “everything” – hahaha. I got to spend a day with her and Bob when they lived in Palm Coast, seeing Judi for the first time in “forever” and meeting her (then) very young son. Kathy came to see me then also. Random phone calls just because “something made me think of her” – probably the blooming irises. Aunt Ellie was there to help and donate when Annette (my Mom) was moving to a house with no furniture whatsoever. (She wrapped a matress with tarps and it stayed dry a 40 minute in the back of an open pick up drive during Hurricane Irene. It was then that Aunt Ellie gave me bearded irises from Grandma Black’s garden and I treasure all the Aunt Ellie memories they stir when I see their beautiful blooms. Aunt Ellie, your memories live forever in my heart.

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